The Fastener Connection Achieves Minority Owned Business Enterprise Certifications

The Fastener Connection, Inc. is a certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise by the Small Business Administration and is included in the Texas Certification Directory™ as a registered Minority Owned Business.

The Texas Certification Directory™ includes businesses which have 51% or more ownership interest by a member of a minority group and is registered with Minority Owned Business Certification. Inclusion in the directory enables The Fastener Connection to provide purchasing managers, contractors, lenders, customers and other business affiliates evidence that the company is owned and managed by one or more minorities. The Texas Certification Directory™ only includes certified, minority owned companies operating in the State of Texas. More information regarding the Texas Minority Owned Business certification is available at www.texassba.org.

The Fastener Company, Inc. is also registered federally as a Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE). The certification process for federal certification includes on-site inspection of facilities by contracted SBA specialists, audit of financial data, and proven business experience by minority owners/managers who are responsible for 51% or more of the company’s daily operations.

As a nationally recognized Minority Owned Business Enterprise, The Fastener Connection, Inc. has access to contract opportunities and tools to assist in business growth. The company is also included in a federal supplier database of certified minority owned companies used by manufacturers, businesses and contractors nationwide. More information regarding Minority Owned Business Enterprise certification visit www.sba.gov.

The Fastener Connection, Inc. was founded in 2006 by the Rodriguez family.